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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Guest Educator/Substitute Teacher - 2024/25 School Year04/20/2024SubstituteMULTICAMPUSApply
Middle School Principal (24-25)04/19/2024CertifiedCHISHOLM TRAIL MSApply
5th Grade Teacher (24-25)04/18/2024CertifiedPETERSON ESApply
High School Math Teacher/Coach (24-25)04/18/2024CertifiedNORTHWEST HSApply
Middle School ELA Teacher/Boys Coach (24-25)04/18/2024CertifiedCHISHOLM TRAIL MSApply
CTE Teacher - Health Sciences (24-25)04/18/2024CertifiedNORTHWEST HSApply
4th Grade Teacher (24-25)04/18/2024CertifiedJC THOMPSON ESApply
2nd Grade Teacher (24-25)04/18/2024CertifiedJC THOMPSON ESApply
5th Grade Math/Science Teacher (24-25)04/18/2024CertifiedCARTER ESApply
Elementary Art Teacher (24-25)04/18/2024CertifiedJUSTIN ESApply
Elementary Special Education Teacher - ECSE (24-25)04/18/2024CertifiedHATFIELD ESApply
Kindergarten Teacher (24-25)04/18/2024CertifiedNANCE ESApply
Secondary Special Education Teacher/ Coach (24-25)04/18/2024CertifiedNORTHWEST HSApply
Secondary Special Education Teacher (24-25)04/16/2024CertifiedNORTHWEST HSApply
High School Theatre Director (24-25)04/16/2024CertifiedNORTHWEST HSApply
Kindergarten Teacher (24-25)04/16/2024CertifiedSCHLUTER ESApply
1st Grade Teacher (24 -25)04/16/2024CertifiedSCHLUTER ESApply
Elementary Special Education Teacher - PACEE (24-25)04/16/2024CertifiedBERKSHIRE ESApply
Elementary Music Teacher (24-25)04/16/2024CertifiedJUSTIN ESApply
Elementary Special Education Teacher - Resource (24-25)04/16/2024CertifiedSCHLUTER ESApply
4th Grade Teacher (24-25)04/16/2024CertifiedPRAIRIE VIEW ESApply
Elementary Special Education Aide - Resource (24-25)04/15/2024ClassifiedJC THOMPSON ESApply
Middle School Elective Teacher/Boys Coach (24-25)04/15/2024CertifiedCHISHOLM TRAIL MSApply
Science Composite Teacher/Girls Basketball & Softball Coach (24-25)04/15/2024CertifiedBYRON NELSON HSApply
3rd Grade Teacher (24-25)04/15/2024CertifiedHASLET ESApply
2nd Grade Teacher (24-25)04/15/2024CertifiedGRANGER ESApply
Secondary Math Teacher (24-25)04/15/2024CertifiedPIKE MSApply
4th Grade ELA/SS Teacher (24-25)04/15/2024CertifiedJUSTIN ESApply
Secondary Teacher (Content TBD)/Head Golf Coach (24-25)04/15/2024CertifiedBYRON NELSON HSApply
1st Grade Teacher (24-25)04/15/2024CertifiedCURTIS ESApply
Intervener (24-25)04/15/2024ClassifiedTIDWELL MS.Apply
English Language Arts Teacher - Certified 6-8 (24-25)04/15/2024CertifiedWORTHINGTON MSApply
Safety and Security Technician04/12/2024ClassifiedSUPPORT SVC-OPERATIONSApply
CTE Teacher - Family and Consumer Sciences (24-25)04/12/2024CertifiedBYRON NELSON HSApply
Student Services Facilitator (24-25)04/12/2024CertifiedMEDLIN MSApply
Secondary Special Educational Aide - SOAR (24-25)04/12/2024ClassifiedWORTHINGTON MSApply
Educational Aide - ESL (24-25)04/12/2024ClassifiedCURRICULUMApply
Elementary Campus Assistant (24-25)04/11/2024ClassifiedBERKSHIRE ESApply
Secondary Science Teacher - (24-25)04/11/2024CertifiedWILSON MSApply
Secretary III - Fingerprinting Assistant04/11/2024ClassifiedHUMAN RESOURCESApply
5th Grade Math/Science Teacher (24-25)04/10/2024CertifiedBERKSHIRE ESApply
Elementary Gifted and Talented Teacher (24-25)04/10/2024CertifiedLOVE ESApply
Secondary Math Teacher (24-25)04/10/2024CertifiedEATON HSApply
5th Grade Teacher (24-25)04/09/2024CertifiedCURTIS ESApply
CTE Teacher - Computer Science/Technology Applications (24-25)04/09/2024CertifiedMEDLIN MSApply
Middle School Science Teacher (24-25)04/09/2024CertifiedCHISHOLM TRAIL MSApply
Kindergarten Teacher (24-25)04/09/2024CertifiedCURTIS ESApply
Pre - Kindergarten Teacher (24-25)04/09/2024CertifiedCURTIS ESApply
Elementary Art Teacher (24-25)04/09/2024CertifiedLAKEVIEW ESApply
5th Grade Teacher (24-25)04/08/2024CertifiedHUGHES ESApply